We are constantly trying to create a seamless experience for the Athletes and Spectators that are looking for a single point of entry to check on updates of your event throughout the day. But what if you’re running a series of events happening allow over the world. Do you have a leaderboard for each event or do you want to create a single leaderboard that provides your viewers to access and check on scores from all locations individually or globally.

Introducing our new MULTI-LEADERBOARD feature, what?!?! you may be wonder? Yes this is a whole new concept. Let’s talk examples of how you can use this.

The Asia Championships is a competition series that follow a similar qualifying format as the CrossFit Games. It starts off with an online qualifier, regional qualifier and then the final championships. The regional qualifiers took the top athletes across 5 different geographical regions to fight for the top spots to advance to the finals.

The 5 regions took place in Russia, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul, and Manila. All happening at the same time, all running the same workouts but each location had different schedules, heat assignments and all other locally logistically coordination. They all basically were ran independently with the exception of scoring.

Each event had their own isolated scoring dashboard where they would enter scores for their local athletes but in order to give a seamless experience for the Athlete’s and Spectators, they used the MULTI-LEADERBOARD and consolidated all 5 events into 1 leaderboard. The end result? Click on the link below to check it out!

Global Leaderboard

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