As always, we listen, we observe and we react. Looking out for our organizers to continuously develop and build a fluid and easy to use system aimed to reduce your administrative time so you can focus on the important things about your event, the overall athlete and spectator experience!

Aside from the typical polishing of different areas of the system, we are happy to announce some big features. In no particular order, each new feature adds more value and speed into your event management workflow.

Automatic Heat Generator

We originally introduced the first drag and drop Heat assigner of its kind, and as we are seeing bigger events, we felt it was necessary to step it up and create a simple wizard that would create your events within a few seconds! That’s right SECONDS! This also gives you the flexibility to quickly re-assign athletes after each heat based on their current rank. This goes a long way in keeping your top rank athletes together and the energy of the crowds as they see those head to head races to the finish.

Automatic Scheduler

We now take the arithmetic out of figuring out your scheduling. Event schedules are broken down into 3 simple pieces. Start Time, Event Duration and Transition Time. Just plug in the numbers and we’ll do the rest.

MailChimp Integration





Why reinvent the wheel, when you can partner and integrate with one of the best mass emailing platform out there! By having the ability to sync your Athletes in Competition Corner to Mailchimp at real-time, you get to leverage all the great emailing features MailChimp has to offer and keep your Athletes in the loop!  To learn more on how to setup the integration check out your help guide here :

As always, if you need help, you can always reach our team at

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