Founded in 2015, the Asia Championships wanted to create a platform that allowed the various communities in Asia to gather and celebrate fitness together. Not long after announcing their intentions to put together the event, they receive enormous support from the community, pulling in over 800 athletes in the inaugural qualifier.

They divided Asia into 5 separate Sectionals: North (Korea), South (Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Guam, Myanmar, Cambodia), East (Philippines), West(Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India), Central (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Macau, China). Top competitor competed over a weekend of grueling events to win a bid to the Grand Final, held in Bangkok, Thailand.

2016 brings in greater prospects!  The amount of experience their team brings to the table and the branding of their event is at a whole new level and we’re proud to be associated with such a great brand as the Asia Championships.

The AC Team will be using the Competition Corner platform to manage registration, online, sectionals and final scoring, along side with providing the various backend tools to help their team streamline the administrative leg work that happens behind the scenes.  We’re excited about this opportunity and looking forward to working closely with the team to learn more about how we can help streamline what we’ve already streamlined!

Registration is live and moving fast, sign up today and start training before the workouts are released!

To learn more about the event visit:

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