As we all know, CrossFit competitions can be very intense, there’s a lot of moving parts during the day of competition, and the last thing we want deal with is accuracy of scoring, so how do we ensure the score is reported accurately once the scorecard leaves the judges hands.  Once it leaves the judges hands, it’ll be a lot harder for that judge to recollect any discrepancies so its critical that every hand over of the scorecard has been checked by the Judge, Athlete and Scorekeeper.

Here are some tips:

As a judge, clarify what you need to document on the score card, i.e.

  • If the score is for Time, do you log Minute, Seconds (MM:SS) or Minute, Seconds, Milliseconds (MM:SS.mmm)?
  • If they don’t finish by the time cap, do you document total completed reps?
  • If it’s an AMRAP, should you write down total reps or total rounds + reps

As an athlete, we all know the last thing we want to do is read a scorecard right after a brutal workout, but it’s your responsibility to review and contest any discrepancies before you sign that score card.   Once you release that score card, no one is going to remember what you did, so clear it up while the memory is fresh!

As the scorekeeper, your job is quite simple, verify and enter.  At the end of the day, you’re only responsible for entering what the judges log on the scorecard.  You have PLENTY of time to enter scores between heats, so DON’T rush it.  All you need to do is:

  • Double check the judges math
  • Double check your entry

Leave it up to the software to do the rest!

If you have any other tips, comment below and share it with the community

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