Ever wonder what’s involved behind the scenes in constantly innovating to enhance the overall user experience? Just like any process, it starts with data.  Understanding how Competition Corner is being used from all angles and where can take it be over the next several months.  We capture a boat load of data by talking directly to our users, attending events, listening to the need of this evolving industry, slicing and dicing our analytics.  Taking that holistic approach we can truly filter out and prioritize what our users want and introduce features our users did not even know was possible.

Today, I wanted to share with you, the amount of work and effort that goes into a new design of something that’s core to our system, the leaderboard.  When we launched in 2014, we started off with a great leaderboard, it served its purpose in reporting scores at real time, however as we continue to grow and engage more events that have higher expectations, our data tells us that we need to constantly align ourselves to ensure we are a step ahead of that.

As a result, we are launching a new leaderboard that provides a whole new level of interaction never seen before.

I am so proud to have assembled such a high caliber team of engineers and designers that continue to share the same passion and vision I have about the Competition Corner product.  Our team is constantly putting their best foot forward and delivering some of the best and compelling user experiences out there.   Without further ado, we open up the minds of our designers and share with your our thought process behind the evolution of our new leaderboard.

Competition Corner Leaderboard

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