As everyone is super excited to unwrap their gifts sitting under the Christmas tree, we just didn’t have the will to hold back until then to unwrap our present to the world.  Out of pure selfishness and excitement, we just figure we have a fully tested system that’s ready to roll out, why delay any further.  So here it is!

We made a ton of small little tweaks here and to bring out the brilliance of the system, along side those tweaks we also focused on some major new features that’s guaranteed to take your events to the next level!

We want to thank our users for giving us that drive and feedback to continuously improve our platform.

Here’s a list in no particular order because they’re all awesome new additions to our platform!

Online Competitions v2

We’ve enhanced a ton of new configurable features for our online competition feature, this includes:

Registration Queuing 

We pride ourselves in building the most robust registration system in our industry, we leverage best practices and add our twist of madness to it.  We now have registration queuing, just like purchasing a movie or concert ticket, when you start your purchase process, you have a time limit to complete you purchase before that ticket is released to the next person.  This prevents you from overselling if you have a limit and upsetting the user because they didn’t register fast enough.  Athletes now have 15 minutes to complete their registration process, not to mention creates urgency for your Athletes to register as soon as possible and start training for the big event!

Floating Heat Manager

We’ve noticed competitions are getting bigger and our heat grid required a lot of scrolling up and down to drag athletes into their proper stations, thanks to our users feedback, the Heat Manager now floats, so there’s no need to scroll back and forth.  This in return will make it way faster for you to assign athletes.

Enhanced Volunteer Management

We’ve added email confirmations to volunteers signing up, volunteer exports and a better Volunteer dashboard to give you all you need to know about the person at a glance.

Athlete Sub-Categories 

You can now divide athletes up by a custom category that you define.  This adds an additional layer to the Divisions feature.  Example use cases, you may want to do a global competition and rank athletes by Region but still want to see an overall leaderboard across all Regions in a specific Division.

Interactive Heats

You can now share your Heat Schedule directly from the system, now Athletes and Spectators alike can keep tabs on what’s going on through out the day.  Just point them to the “Schedule” tab of your event page or embed it directly on your own site.

Our New Blog

We almost forgot, we have a new marketing site, designed to keep you updated on the continuous improvements we’re working on behind the scenes to bring you the very best platform on the market!

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