We’ve got some new an exciting updates for you guys!  Over the past month we’ve noticed our system was creeping a bit, while that comes with the territory when you’re constantly growing and adding new features, it’s never on par with our own expectations.  We’ve spent the last several weeks doing a bit of house cleaning and refactoring our system to enhance its overall performance and the results are amazing!  Hats off to the Corner Crew for burning the midnight oil in getting us there.

While our focus was to improve the overall performance of our platform, we were able to squeeze out a few new features, check them out:

  • T-Shirt sizing – You can now control what T-shirt sizes and gender options you’d like to present on the registration forms.
  • Hashtags – You can now add hashtags to your event, this is published on your event page and email confirmations.  It’s a great way to get your athletes tagging your event early on and get that word of mouth out there.  This is a precursor to a new Instagram feature we’re working on (stay tuned)
  • Toggle Volunteer Options – You can now turn off the Volunteer button on your event page.
  • Heat Ranking – You can now see your Athletes or Team’s current ranking when re-assigning heats.  This allows you to quickly stack the best of the best together in same heats quickly.

What’s next? Tons!  Just a list of items slated for our next couple releases:

  • Auto Scheduler – we’re looking to help you automate your event scheduling efforts with a few clicks.
  • Auto Heat Assigning – we’re looking to extend our drag and drop feature be allowing you to quickly assign athletes to heats based on randomization, a-z, z-a, and even by current rank.
  • Brand-able leaderboard – yes that’s right! you will soon have the ability to brand your leaderboards with a few click.

See where we’re going with this, our goal is and will continue to create the event planning experience with a “few clicks”.

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